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The Presentation is the heart beat of the day. This is where Reggie’s powerful message is delivered. This presentation hits everyone in the building (young or old) directly in their hearts. This presentation demands change and causes a genuine buzz throughout the building that last long after Reggie leaves. He provides a blue print of overcoming adversity in all situations (bullying, failed relationships, poor testing, at risk, business, etc.). By using his own traumatic past he lays out how he aspired to become a success story rather than a statistic and provides the practical steps that others can take to do the same. Whether presenting in a room of 20 or an audience of thousands the same sound is heard in the audience. That sound is "Complete Silence." It has been said that "His unique story telling ability and the ability to connect with all demographics sets him apart from any speaker out there."


Reggie presents for 30-60 minutes depending on your time frame.  After the presentation he takes a group photo for the organization, school, team, company, etc to use on their website, signs autographs, and gives the attendees an opportunity to check out his Super Bowl Ring, Lombardi Trophy, etc. Reggie then transitions into small group breakout sessions with a more personal feel. (see below)


Breakout Sessions
*Maximum of 3 Sessions
*10-35 People (exceptions are made for certain group types)
This provides an opportunity for more personal attention with certain groups. Students, Staff, Members, etc are always excited to be selected as the chosen few who get to spend more time with Reggie. Organizations use this opportunity to create tickets or passes to make this group feel special and create more excitement in the building. 
What Schools Typically Do
Almost every school that brings Reggie in chooses to participate in the all school presentation as well 3 breakout sessions. They love having the option to customize and mold the groups as they see fit. They also enjoy the fact that he stays the entire day with students and staff doing smaller group work, rather than coming in and leaving right away. You will find evidence of this in the testimonial section.


What Businesses Typically Do

Small businesses bring Reggie in to work closely with their small groups. Large businesses generally bring Reggie in as the keynote speaker to bring life to their meeting/event as well spark the change necessary to produce results. 


What Sports Teams Typically Do

Teams usually gather in an auditorium or gymnasium to receive a personalized team message before or after their practice/game.


( all Highly requested but not limited to)

New Age Leadership


Anti Bullying


Overcoming Adversity




Corporate Events


Faith Based


Cultural Competency


Academic Success


Social Media 101


Sports Success

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